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Anubis - Analysis Report
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Analysis Report for UPSNR_fcb41ffe.exe

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No threats could be detected by Anubis. This does not imply that execution of this executable is safe.

Table of Contents

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1. General Information

 - Information about Anubis' invocation 
Time needed:241 s 
Report created:08/08/09, 12:55:20 UTC 
Termination reason:Timeout 
Program version:1.70.0 

2. UPSNR_fcb41ffe.exe

 - General information about this executable 
Analysis Reason:Primary Analysis Subject 
File Size:40448 Bytes
Command Line:"C:\UPSNR_fcb41ffe.exe"  
Process-status at analysis end:alive 
Exit Code:

 - Load-time Dlls 
Module NameBase AddressSize
C:\​WINDOWS\​system32\​ntdll.dll  0x7C900000 0x000AF000 
C:\​WINDOWS\​system32\​kernel32.dll  0x7C800000 0x000F6000 
C:\​WINDOWS\​system32\​USER32.DLL  0x7E410000 0x00091000 
C:\​WINDOWS\​system32\​GDI32.dll  0x77F10000 0x00049000 

International Secure Systems Lab
Vienna University of Technology, Eurecom France, UC Santa Barbara