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Advanced Submission Form

Notice: If you're behind a virus filtering proxy server, you may want to submit your sample via SSL .

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Choose how you want to receive the analysis report.

The analysis result will be displayed in your browser as soon as it is ready.

We will mail you a link to the analysis result. For this type of notification, please enter your email address here:
Specify the subject for analysis

Choose the type of sample that Anubis should analyze. Currently, executable files can be submitted to Anubis either unpacked or packed as archive. URL analysis will cause Anubis to open the specified URL in Internet Explorer and analyze its behaviour.

To enjoy all features of the advanced submission form, it is recommended to enable Java Script. Please notice, that submission of only one submission type at a time is supported.

Analyze an executable file
Choose the file that you want to analyze. The file must be a Windows executable or Android APK. (details)

Optionally choose one or more auxiliary files. If your executable depends on any auxiliary files put them here (remember max. 8MB total):

Auxiliary File:
Analyze an archived executable file
Please make sure that the archive does not contain any directories! Password protected ZIP archive with the password infected are supported.

Name the executable file in the archive that should be analyzed, all other files in the archive will be used as auxiliary files. If no executable file is specified, the first file found in the archived will be selected automatically. Please note that filenames in the archive are case sensitive!

Analyze a URL
Choose the URL you want to analyze. The URL will be analyzed in Internet Explorer.

Get a priority boost

Enter the code that you see in the image on the left and your submission will be analyzed before all automatic submissions.

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